Social Media Roasts Kavin After Seeing This Third Promo !! WATCH VIDEO !!


Bigg Boss implemented the “Freeze” task this week in which contestants should not make a move when their parents or spouses enters the house to see them. In this week’s “Freeze” task, Mugen’s mother and sister entered the house yesterday which made him happy as he hasn’t seen them for more than 70 long days.

Now today’s promos suggested that Losliya’s father has entered the house to visit his daughter after so many years. In the first episode Losliya was seen crying her heart out as she saw him after many days. His father who looked dejected doesn’t seemed very much excited.

Watch the promo here :

Now the third promo which was surfaced just now shows Losliya’s father scolding her for the way she behaved inside the house. “Did I raise you in this way ?? What did you tell me before coming here ?? I don’t want you to talk to me.” says her father who was consoled by Cheran.

Watch the promo here :

As soon as the promo released netizens started trolling Kavin and the supporters of KavLiya, a group which ardently supports the relationship between Kavin and Losliya getting brutally trolled. Check out some of the reactions here :

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