Sundeep Kishan Finally Reacted To The Anti-Vijay Tweets Of His Own !!


For the past few days, old tweets of emerging South Indian actor Sundeep Kishan about Vijay, Sura and Suriya are doing rounds in the social media platforms. The 10 years old tweets of the actor shows his frustration over the 50th film of actor Vijay and he also identified himself as a fan of actor Suriya. Now, the young actor who is currently working on his 25th film, said that Vijay inspired him a lot and expressed his admiration over the growth of him in the past 10 years. He said that he lost out as a regular film audience in between.

Sundeep is known among Tamil audience for appearing in films such as Lokesh Kangaraj’s “Maanagaram”, “Yaaruda Mahesh” etc. For past few days, users of Twitter are pretty much interested in digging out the old tweets of cinema celebrities. Few of the old tweets of Sundeep went viral for all the wrong reasons. On 14th of May 2010, Sundeep wrote “jus saw sura…it was bigger torture thn the hyderbad heat…phew sweatin my brain out…i guess vijay did the same wen he heard the script.” after watching the 50th film of Vijay.

Through another tweet, he said “I bein a surya fan wit full due respect to him expct a varanam ayiram or khaka khaka frm him.. v hve vijay to doa singam for us. lol”

Here’s the screen shot :

Reactions are pouring in large number for these tweets for the past few days. Fans of actor Ajith kumar are sharing the tweet by trolling Vijay whereas Vijay fans are sharing it with the latest tweets of Sundeep where the youngster lauded Vijay during the release of “Master”. A fan account in twitter compared the old and new tweets of Subdeep and branded him as a hater of Vijay.

The meme garnered the attention of Sundeep who chose to reply to it to end the controversy once and for all. “There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in this…I grew up loving Vijay sirs films and in-between I lost out as a regular film audience.. but today I will proudly say Over the last 10 years that his journey has inspired me immensely & today I am a huge fan…” Sundeep said in his first tweet.

He went on to add “This is not something I need to prove to anybody…but Felt I should take a second to reregister my words.. Save this tweet and ask me whenever later & I shall always stand by it
I Love Vijay sir and he has inspired me in some really tough times”
in his next tweet.

Sundeep is all set to appear in his 25th film “A1 Express”, a remake of Hip Hop Aadhi’s “Natpe Thunai”. “Naragasooran”, “Kasada Thapara”, “Vivaha Bhojanambu” are some his upcoming films. Actor Vijay, on the work front, is expected to appear as a “Beast” in Nelson Dilipkumar directorial.


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