Superstar Fans Confronted Kamal Haasan For His Tweet !!


For posting a positive tweet about Superstar Rajinikanth’s stand in the current political state , fans of the actor are confronting Kamal Haasan in the reply section of his tweet. Rajinikanth met press and expressed his stand on the riot that is causing several deaths in Delhi. He said that BJP should resign from its post if they couldn’t control the ruckus.

The Tamil film star who is busy in shooting for his next film “Annaththe”, lashed out at the central government for not controlling the riot with iron hands. So far 35 people have lost their lives in the Delhi riot which took place between CAA and Anti CAA supporters.

Rajinikanth said that a protest must not turn into violence and blamed the central government for letting it to continue in a time when an important personality like Donald Trump is visiting our country. He reiterated that he will stand by muslims only if they got affected by the Citizenship Amendment Law, not while protesting against it.

Watch his press meet below :

Source : Puthiya Thalaimurai

Supporting his stand, Kamal Haasan immediately replied with a tweet mentioning to his popular punch dialogue “Enn Vazhi Thani Vazhi”. He posted his tweet by saying that his path is no more a sole one but a path in which an entire ethnicity is going to walk through.

Check out his tweet below :

This tweet from Kamal received both appreciation and criticism from those who follow him in Twitter. Unexpectedly, fans of actor Rajinikanth himself started expressing their disappointment over the tweet of the actor. Most of them said that their leader’s path is always a separate one. “He won’t enter your wrong path as you are imagining. He would always choose to go in a different path” wrote one of a Rajini fan.

Check out some of their replies below :

“The ruckus in Delhi is only because of the failure of Central Government’s intelligence. They must have controlled it with iron hands. I am expecting them to be cautious in future.” said Rajinikanth in the press meet. “I severely condemn those who are involving in politics by using religions. I request media not to provoke citizens.” said Rajinikanth who added that there will be no possibilities to vopus the CAA as it got passed by the government.


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