Surendar Natarajan’s Explanation Irked Celebrities !!


Followed by the huge outrage, an explanation video of Surendar Nataraj to the media created furore in social media. Surendar Nataraj who belongs to “Karuppar kooottam” youtube channel facing severe hatred from the devotees of Hindu religion after making a video on “Kandha Sashti Kavasam” which is a devotional poem written to praise Lorn Muruga.

Now, after being a subject to legal cases including including Section 153 (intent to cause riot), 259 (p) (defiling a place of worship), 153 (A) (1) (a) (creating hatred between two religion) of Indian Penal code, Surendar has said that he is ready to face them. “I never said anything that “Kandha Sashti Kavasam” didn’t contain. As majority number of people wouldn’t understand the pure Tamil written in “Kandha sashti Kavasam”, I just helped for their better understanding. Not me, it is the poem that abuses Lord Murugan by seeking his help to save their body parts. Lord Murugan won’t save your entire body at once ?? I just clarified how Hindutva organisations are degrading him. If clarifying is a problem, I am ready to face the legal case for that” he said.

Watch the video here :

This speech from him irked many other cinema celebrities who demanded his apology for his video published in “Karuppar Kootam” youtube channel. Draupathy director Mohan G said that there is no use on arresting them. “Ignoring them in cinema is the only way” he said in his tweet.

“He is acting as if he didn’t understand what crime he committed! He is contradicting himself !!! All medical books shud be condemned if you can’t write about body parts!!! After speaking so cheaply, he has the guts to give an interview like this?! No resentment?!” said actor, Director and TV host Lakshmi Ramakrishnan.

Political analyst Sumanth Raman said that it seems he is not going to apologize for what he did.

On Monday, along with BJP party members, several other Hindu organisations sought immediate action against a youtube channel named as “Karuppar Kootam” which allegedly made derogatory comments on Hindu lord “Muruga”. In a memorandum to District collector K Rajamani, representatives of party’s district unit and the outfits alleged a man in his Youtube channel made abusive remarks against “Kandha sashti Kavasam” which is a song dedicated to Lord Muruga. As a result of these outrage, Nartheegan aka Surendran Natarajan has approached Madras high court seeking anticipatory bail after knowing about the cases filed against him.


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