Suriya’s “Jai Bhim” Degraded Hindi Language ?? Check Out The Truth


A particular video from “Jai Bhim” of Suriya-Jyothika is doing rounds in social media platforms with many Hindi speaking individuals getting offended over it. The video shows actor Prakash slapping a man who speaks Hindi and asks him to talk in Tamil. Misunderstanding the context of the scene without watching the movie, a number of Twitter users who belong to the north part of the country has been posting tweets, expressing their displeasure.

In “Jai Bhim”, Prakash Raj plays the role of a honest police officer who helps a tribal woman to get justice in high court. In the process, he investigates a number of culprits including police officers and a pawn broker. While interrogating the pawn broker who pretends to be knowing only Hindi language, Prakash Raj would slap him and ask him to talk in Tamil to make him confess.

Misunderstanding the scene, a number of Twitter users could be seen slamming “Jai Bhim” makers, alleging that they kept such scene to degrade the Hindi language. “Prakash Raj with his propaganda in the movie ‘Jay Bhim’ where he slaps a person who speaks in Hindi” a twitter user wrote whereas nother one said “I am really heartbroken after watching #JaiBhim, nothing against actor or anyone but felt really bad, there is a scene in the film where a person speaks Hindi and Prakash Raj slaps him and tells him to speak in Tamil. Honestly this kind of scene was not needed…. Hope they cut it”

Check out some of such reactions below :

However, according to the film, the person who gets slapped by Prakash Raj knows Tamil language well and is shown speaking it fluently in the previous scenes. Finding out he pretends to be new to Tamil nadu, Prakash Raj, as a Police officer, would slap him to make him confess the truth. Many Internet users who watched the film could be seen stating the same while replying to those who got offended.

Check out some of their reactions below :


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