Tamil Nadu Finance Minister P Thiaga Rajan Replied To Ex – Minister Jayakumar’s Tweet!!


Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu, P Thiaga Rajan has been targeted by the Ex-Minister D Jayakumar on Twitter. D Jayakumar from the opposition party posted a tweet on Twitter on the absence of P Thiaga Rajan in the GST council meeting held in Lucknow. As usual, P Thiaga Rajan has come on Jayakumar’s tweet with a sarcastic remark.

P Thiaga Rajan, Finance Minister of Tamil Nadu did not make it to the GST council meeting on September 17th, 2021 chaired by Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Stories were cooked up for his absence in the meeting. Rumors that P Thiaga Rajan didn’t attend the meeting because of a family function was spreading. However, P Thiagarajan swiped it clear by posting a tweet.

Annamalai K, State President of BJP, raised the question of why didn’t P Thiaga Rajan attend the GST council meeting. He also demanded an answer from the Tamil Nadu Government for not attending the meeting at Lucknow. He used the hashtag, ‘Badhil Sollu D M K’.

D Jayakumar, Ex-Minister of Tamil Nadu, posted a tweet saying that he is worried that Finance Minister P Thiaga Rajan didn’t attend the meeting and that none of his reasons are valid. He also mentioned that he has never missed any of these meetings. He has attached images from his meetings.

The finance minister has replied to the tweet saying that he was waiting to expose the ones ignorant of the rules of the GST council. He has added that he didn’t expect a big shot to be exposed.

Many people have reacted to this reply tweet of the finance minister, P Thiaga Rajan. Some have replied that many people will added to this list.


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