The Case of Missing Liquor Bottles


With all the fuss happening around the city were people are trying hard to survive on their daily needs the Tasmac shops have their own story to tell. Like any other day the crowd at the Tasmac shops never wade down. People amidst all happenings do find time and money to visit here as usual.

This incident happened recently in one of the Tasmac shops. Maybe someone has decided he’s got to try out the more costlier drinks in the complex he decided to get it a different way.

The employees on a Tasmac shop near Madhurandhagam found that 60 cases of liquor were missing from the warehouse in the rear of the outlet. The lock has been broken and apparently the liquor bottles were stolen.

Investigations has led to the belief of a group of people breking into the Tasmac outlet and getting away with liquor bottles worth 3 lakhs. The employees found this out the next day when they came to open the shop.

Since no CCTV cameras were available fingerprint experts were brought to the scene and the case about the missing liquor bottles is going on.


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