“The Girl Wants To Become IPS, He Wants To Become DSP” – DR. Varun Kumar IPS After Advising The Students


On Thursday, a shocking video of a couple of school students risking their life to board a moving train gone viral in social media platforms with public condemning the duo. IPS Officer Varun Kumar who acts as Thiruvallur district’s Superintendent of Police found the students and made them visit his office with their parents. He who sent them back after advising them, revealed that they both want to become IPS and DSP officers in future through his official twitter handle.


The viral video showed a boy and a girl dressed in school uniforms jumping on a train that is about to leave the station. When the train gets accelerated, the boy and girl could be seen holding the bar attached to the door and brushing their feet on the platform for thrill. It is also notable that they both jumped into the train only during the last moment when the train was about to leave the compartment.

The incident took place at the Kavarapettai railway station located in the suburbs of Chennai, has left public in a shocked state. Watch the horrific video below :

Many in online platforms, asked the district administration to take appropriate action against the teens for involving in such thrill- seeking dangerous stunt. While the identity of the video’s recorder has not been found, Korukkupet Police have launched an investigation regarding the matter. Check out some of the reactions that surfaced in Internet below :

Knowing about the incident, Dr. Varun Kumar IPS, Thiruvallur district’s Superintendent of Police invited the students and their parents in person and inquired them. He reportedly advised the students not to involve themselves in such dangerous stunts and asked them to concentrate on their studies. When Varun asked them about their ambitions the girl and boy said that they want to become IPS and DSP officers respectively.

“The girl wants to become IPS. The boy wants to become DSP” Varun kumar said while sharing about the news on his advise to the students.


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