The Recent Trending “Naam Tamizhar” Campaign Video Was Copied ??


A recent campaign advertisement released on behalf of Filmmaker cum Politician Seeman’s Political party “Nam Tamizhar” subjected to extreme online troll as there are enormous number of memes are flooding the feeds of social media platforms targeting the advertisement.

The advertisement shows a youth buying medicines worth Rs. 800 in medical shop for emergency. He who finds his purse missing, requests the shop owner to allow him some time to get his purse back from his house. He wants to take the medicine with him as it is required purpose. When the shop owner denies to give him the medicine without money, a woman who was working in the medical shop insists her owner to give him the medicines.


The owner gives him the medicine and warns his employee to deduct the amount from her salary if he fails to come back with money. After few minutes, the youth comes back with money to prove the owner wrong. Wondering about his employee’s immense belief on a stranger, the owner asks “How you believed that he would return this much of big amount ?” to which she replies “I have see Semman brother’s picture in his bike while coming to our shop. That’s why I believed him. “Naam Tamizhar” means belief.” she says.

Watch the video here :

This video became a meme material in no time as people found it extremely funny. Memes surfaced adding “Naam Tamizhar” party symbol along with online payment apps and with the meme templates of Vadivelu, a popular comedian. A spoof video mimicking an iconic scene from “Sathuranga Vettai” film also released only to leave the netizens in splits.

Check out some of the reactions below :

One of a twitter user went one step ahead and found the video with the same concept which was made way earlier. Communist Party of India, to campaign for their party in Kerala, made the video with similar concept earlier which evidently proved that the latest trending video is a copied one. Watch below :

Comment your views on this short video and the reactions it is receiving !!


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