This Fan Posted A False Picture Of Priya Anand ?? Check How The Actress Reacted !!


Priya Anand, one of the most talented actress in Tamil film industry rose to fame through films like Vamanan, Ethir Neechal is also an experienced actress among very few. Unlike many heroines who faded away, Priya still sustains in the industry with her versatility in the movies she acts.

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Be it Rajinikanth or Cristiano Ronaldo, Internet mentions which are targeted on celebrities is something that could not be avoided. One could either avoid it by ignoring or make effort to reply them. Priya Anand chose to reply this fan who misunderstood that Priya Anand was committed.

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The user named Mahesh thought that Priya Anand was committed with a guy by seeing her Instagram story. He seems to be a ardent fan boy of the actress who felt very bad that she is committed with some other guy. In his twitter account he wrote “Oru manushan 1 year kulla yevalo heartbreaks + breakups thaanga mudiyum. 😬 Happy for you bae”Β by posting the screen shot of the Instagram story.

Check out the picture here :

Check out his post here :

He also the tagged the actress’s original twitter account which got the attention of Priya Aanand herself. She immediately replied with a confirmation that she is not committed and the girl who is in the Insta story is not her.

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Following this the user in a funny manner said “I’m so sorry once again @PriyaAnand πŸ˜’
If you can, send me your WA number. Yethavathu doubts iruntha, I’ll confirm them all with you before sharing them. 😌 Good Night bae. ❀️”

The actress replied with laughing emojis to this :

earlier Priya Anand grabbed the headlines for shutting down a Twitter suer who said that the actress is the unluckiest one.Β Troller Said β€œPriya Anand Is The Unluckiest Actress In The Industry” !! Check How She Shut Him Down !!

Priya was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu as the only child to a Tamil father named Bharadwaj and a half-Telugu, half-Marathi mother named Radha. The 32 year old actress was last seen in the hit movie LKG along with RJ Balaji. She is expected to be featured in Adhitya Varma, the remake of Telugu blockbuster Arjun Reddy. In the movie Priya AnandΒ  doing the role of a busy actress who falls in love with the protagonist.






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