This Kamal’s Heroine Thrashed Vanitha For Her Behaviour Inside The House !!


Former Bigg Boss contestant Vanitha was called upon as a guest to stay in the hotel until the luxury task ends. Vanitha after entering the house, gave her piece of advice to each and every contestant. She projected the good and bad views of the Bigg Boss contestants left in the house.

Vanitha Vijayakumar, the third evicted contestant of Bigg Boss show is facing the wrath of public again for her behaviour. Since the re-entry of Vanitha, no one thought of romancing with their pairs as she slammed everyone who are involved in that sort of relationship. She made it clear that they went inside the house to play the game and win it.


On the next days of Vanitha’s entry, literally explosions took place inside the house. Vanitha, who entered the Bigg Boss house again as a guest, was seen talking to Abhirami about Mugen. She once said that she is going to ask Kamal Haasan in weekend to open the door for 10 minutes to eliminate the contestants who are not willing to take part. She also said that she is going to display a “Kurumpadam” for Tharshan during an argument between boys and girls.

Now, actress and a member of Makkal Needhi Maiam, Sri Priya watched the show and slammed Vanitha for her atrocious behaviour. The way she made statements of doing the jobs of Kamal Haasan irked the actress who paired with him in number of movies.

In her tweet Sri Priya wrote “Watching BB…I have a doubt வனிதா அவர்கள் சொன்னால் BB வீட்டு கதவு திரந்து வைக்கப்படுமா?வனிதா அவர்கள் சொன்னால் குறும்படம் போடப்படுமா?அப்பா….”

In the reply section, Vanitha got extremely thrashed by the followers of Sri Priya. Check out some of their reactions :

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