This Secret Facebook Game Is Highly Addictive And We Bet You Will Spend Hours And Hours On It!

You are definitely going to hate us when you waste your complete day playing basketball on Facebook. But this is something which is not to be missed out.
Well, if you don’t know Facebook Messenger has a secret hidden game in its messenger app wherein your friends can be challenged for shooting hoops. If you already know about it, it is no more a secret, but is quite difficult and addictive.
It all appeared as America was excited for its March Madness, an annual competition of basketball. However, its availability is seen in the UK as well. If you don’t know how to play this game on Facebook, have a look; we have made things easier for you:

Step 1 – All you need to do is keep the Messenger App Up To Date!

Step 2- Later, Type Basketball emoji in a chat window of a friend whom you wish to play with and press send!

Step 3 – After the basketball is touched, the game would appear!

Step 4- All you need to do is swipe up and put the ball in the hoop

Step 5- Enjoy your game for hours and hours!! You Would love it


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