Top Technician Revealed This Secret On Promoting Movies Online !! SHOCKING !!


Movie promoting in digital media became mandatory as the users of social media are increasing day by day. Movie watching audience are highly influenced by online reviewers nowadays. Starting from high budget movies such as 2.0 to single room drama Oththa Seruppu, every movie requires promotion and production houses allot a separate amount of money for promotion alone which we all know.

Now Balaji Gopal who worked as colorist in highly appreciated films such as Super Deluxe, Sindhubadh has revealed that a sum of 10 lakh rupees has been spent on online reviewers and trackers by production houses in order to promote their movies.

Balaji Gopal with Thyagarajan Kumararaja

In his tweet Balaji who believes that online reviewers should not charge money to promote a movie, advised production houses to spend their money in a wise way. He also firmly believes that social media influencers has nothing to do with a success of a movie. His tweet read as “Dear Tamil Film Producers – Social Media influence have no effect on recent releases two movies. One movie celebrated and other one thrashed but BoxOffice gives different results. Spend your money wisely instead of wasting 10Lakhs on Influencers.”

Check out his tweet here :

The two films Balaji was mentioning are most probably Kaapan and Oththa Seruppu 7. However, we couldn’t identify which movie is doing better financially. On seeing this tweet, the official twitter handle of popular theatre Ram Muthuram Cinemas replied by saying that producers could try promoting their movies in Television as in older days. He said that social media helps only for small budget movies. Here’s how Balaji replied to him :

Balaji also said that Youtube interviews are doing much impact than television promotional interviews as it reaches every mobile through Whatsapp nowadays.

Fans who witnessed these tweets of Balaji felt that 10 lakhs is way too higher for those reviewers and trackers. Check out some of their reactions here :

What do you think on movies getting promoted in this way ?? Comment your views below !!


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