Controversial Actress Blamed Sherin For Tharshan’s Eviction !! Check What She Has To Say !!


Tharshan is one of the most loved male contestant inside the Bigg Boss house got evicted from the show due to lack of votes. The Srilanka based model impressed audience from day 1. He got more attention when he bravely confronted Vanitha Vijayakumar, one of the experienced and dominant contestant inside the house.


Now after his eviction, Vanitha Vijayakumar who is very much active on Twitter, posted a tweet blaming Sherin for Tharshan’s eviction. It is notable that Vanitha already made Sherin cry while being inside the house by saying that she is having an affair with Tharshan though knowing that he is in relationship with Sanam Shetty.


In this tweet Vanitha said that Sherin executed a well planned plot to be in the finals. The tweet of her read as “She planned She plotted and She achieved She was strong enough to execute it He was weak enough to fall in her trap Feeling heavy he had to be unnecessarily made to expect and believe something he didn’t ask for.”

Check out her tweet below :

While replying to one of her follower, Vanitha even said that Sherin fooled her till one point.

Check out some of the reactions for her tweet below :

Kamal Hasan gave Tharshan an unforgettable send off where he said that he got a fame of acting in 10 films. Confused Kamal Haasan even asked the clapping fans whether they voted Tharshan or not.


Tharshan has became a heartthrob among young girls for his charming looks and he attracted family audience for his brave behaviour inside the Bigg Boss house as well. He was lauded by Kamal Haasan in several occasions for his spirit in tasks. His friendship with Mugen also admired by many as they never brought their emotions inside the game unlike other contestants.

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