Venkat Prabhu Gets Emotional After Seeing Kalidas Receiving An Award For Playing “Sathar” !!


Director Venkat Prabhu got emotional and expressed his displeasure over how critics received a character he made for his 2010 film “Goa” after seeing Kalidas winning an award for playing “Sathar” in Sudha Kongara’s “Paava Kadhaigal”. The filmmaker said that all he got was “Cheeee” from the reviews and reviewers for the character played by Sampath in his film. He also congratulated the young lad for receiving “SIIMA” award for playing “Sathar”.

Being one of the prominent filmmakers of Tamil film industry, Venkat Prabhu is currently busy making “Maanadu” of Simbu and has been trying to find his old form for the past few years. One of his directorials “Party” is not seeing the light due to unknown reasons whereas his last feature film Chennai 28-2 was released in the year 2016. Apart from a short in “Kutti Story”, a Tamil anthology flick, Venkat hasn’t seen any releases for the past 5 years.

On 20th of September, “South Indian International Movie Awards” uploaded a post recognizing Kalidas Jayaraj who played a transgender character in the recently released short film “Thangam” that featured in “Paava Kadhaigal” anthology film. “Kalidas is the winner of the Best Actor In A Supporting Role (Tamil) award for the movie Thangam (Paava Kadhaigal)! Applause mandatory!” read the caption of SIIMA.

On seeing the announcement, Director Venkat Prabhu uploaded a tweet expressing his displeasure over how reviewers received the character played by Sampath in Goa. The filmmaker felt bad as many expressed disgustful opinions on the character. “Really wish the critics were open like this then!! #Sampath from #Goa deserved more accolades! But never got recognised for the role he played!! Sad but true!! All we got was cheeeeeee from reviews and reviewers for the role he portrayed. happy for u” Venkat Prabhu said in his tweet.

Check out his tweet below :

In the film “Goa”, Sampath played the role of a transgender man named “Daniel”. Aravindh Akash appeared as Jack, his love interest. The film showed Daniel being affectionate towards Sami kannu, played by Premji and Jack getting jealous over them. Check out some of the reactions tht surfaced for Venkat Prabhu’s tweet :


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