Vijay Sethupathi Supports Suriya In Jyothika Issue !!


Actor Vijay Sethupathi stretched his supportive hand to Suriya who release a press note regarding the speech of her wife in an award function. The “Pizza” actor who earlier exposed a fake tweet regarding the same issue to make people understand that the tweet was not posted by him, now came up with a thumbs up to Suriya’s press note.

Actor Suriya, released a press note yesterday to express his stand regarding the controversy that is taking place in social media platforms for past few days. Suriya said that he and wife are still standing by what she said in the award function about maintaining hospitals. “A speech made by Jyothika long ago in an award function, has turned out to be a news and subjected to online debates” the press note of Suriya read.

“Many are finding flaws and equating the statement made by Jyothika it to a crime. In her speech she asked everyone to respect schools and government in the same way they are respecting Temples. The same was quoted by Spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda. “Helping people is nothing but an offertory paid to God” is a belief since “Thirumoolar” times. There is no chance for People who didn’t read or listen to those legends to know about it.”

“People belong to all the religions are accepting that schools and hospitals should be considered as God’s living place. We are still standing by the statement we made which was an outcome of the thoughts of scholars and philosophers. We love to teach our children that humanity is important more than religions.” the actor firmly said in his press note.

Now, in a way of supporting the actor’s statement, Vijay Sethupathi shared the tweet and said “Sirappu” with a thumbs up emoji. The word “Sirappu” used by the actor stands for “Exceptional” or something like “So good”. Check out his tweet here :

However this tweet from Vijay irked a separate set of followers who are firmly believing that maintaining hospitals would cause harm to temples, especially to the temples belong to Hindu gods. They started spewing hatred against the actor for supporting Suriya in this issue. Here’s how they reacted :

This statement from Suriya surfaced after so many people tried to accuse Jyothika for abusing Hindu religion. After receiving an award from actress Simran for acting in “Ratchasi”, Jyothika explained her experience while shooting for her film in Thanjavur. In her speech, the actress said that Hospitals should be maintained in the same way how places like Brihadishwara temple in Thanjavur are being maintained. It is high time for people to understand the context of her speech and to stop spreading hatred against each other.


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