VIP Actor Slammed Private Schools !!


India became the third most affected country in the world, as far as the COVID 19 virus is concerned. Overtaking Russia on Sunday, India now has the third highest COVID 19 caseload in the world with 6,97,887 confirmed cases. Many fields got financially affected due to the virus which stopped their productivity in big time as people are restricted in their homes to avoid the spread of the virus. However, frontline workers such as doctors, Policemen, cleaning staffs are involved in their daily duties. Government advised IT company employees and other department staffs to work from home. School and college students are being taught through online classes. Tamilnadu government even cancelled the 10th public exam and promoted all the students to next class.

Earlier RJ Balaji, posted a video criticizing the school managements for conducting online classes for 8 long hours in daily basis. “When you are conducting classes for 8 hours straight a day, how could they (children) able to handle the stress being imposed on them ?? There are chances for them to get affected physically and mentally. We have seen Doctors advising elders not to spend most of their time in system and cell phone, think of children and college students. When will happen to their eyes and necks if they keep concentrating on those screens ??” Balaji questioned.

“Yes I can understand that you have to conduct those classes to receive fees from the parents.” Balaji mocked the school managements. “I can understand that you have to finish the syllabus. But is this the right solution ?? Ain’t it a stress for teachers themselves ?? In some schools, teachers are uploading videos and children are watching it when they are comfortable. Or you can give deadlines for assignments to make them learn” he suggested through his Instagram video.

Now, cinema art director and actor Kiran who is known for appearing in films like Vela Illaa Pattadhari, Anegan, Kaapaan posted a tweet accusing private schools for collecting school fees and improving their financial status even at this pandemic situation. He said that they are the only department who are not got affected by the impact made by the virus.

Kiran in Dhanush’s VIP

“Private schools are the only firms which didn’t get affected by the virus. They are not spending money for electricity and for maintenance but still collecting the same amount of money as fees. They should be proud of collecting fees even for uniform at this situation” he wrote in his tweet.

“இந்த coronaவிலும் எந்த பாதிப்பும் இல்லாமல் கல்லா கட்டியது தனியார் பள்ளிகள் மட்டுமே இருக்கும்..
No EB charge .. No maintenance charge… even they collecting same fee.. அத விட uniformக்கும் சேர்ந்து வாங்கிய பெருமை அவர்களையே சேரும்”
read the tweet of the VIP actor which receiving positive response from his followers.

Here’s how his followers reacted to his tweet :

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