Vishal Warned Producers About Mysskin !! Check This Producer’s Reply


One of the most controversial issue in Kollywood lately is the rift between actor Vishal and director Mysskin. The Director-actor duo had a strong bonding between them for past three years and parted their ways due to financial issues. Vishal accused Mysskin for wasting his money during the making of Thupparivalan 2. In his press release Mysskin said that Vishal spent Rs.35 lakhs to write the script alone.

“As a producer I still wonder why does a Director, who specifically wanted to write the script in Canada and UK and spent the Producers money to the tune of close to 35 lakhs for the above expenses including travel, accommodation etc.. after having started shoot without proper planning of location hunting, after having spent close Crores of INR” said the press release of Vishal.

“Is it wrong if a producer pinpoints the mistakes of a Director during the production of the film, for its betterment especially when close to 15 lakhs INR per day was spent for a 3 or 4 hours of shoot in UK ? No” Vishal said in his statement. “I still wonder because it’s as bad as you abandon your own kid an orphanage” he added. Vishal warned other producers of Tamil film industry about Mysskin.

Now, to our shock, Vels Film International of Ishari K Ganesh posted a reply tweet to Vishal’s press release by proposing a collaboration with Mysskin. The tweet which was written in a way of mocking the Vishal’s accusation read “Mysskin Sir, We always believe in you and your script, #Vels is ready when you are ready !!!” by adding a hashtag “Karuppu Raja Vellai Raja” which was film supposed to be done by Vishal.

Check out their tweet below :

This tweet was welcomed by enormous number of twitter users which was evident through the replies. Check out some of the replies this tweet received :

On Thursday, Mysskin came up with a clarification regarding the issue. He completely denied the accusations of Vishal and asked him to provide the proofs for his accusations. “He (Vishal) claimed that I spent 35 lakhs to write the script. I want media portals which tarnished my image yesterday to ask him for the proof. I can provide evidence for spending 7 lakh in the 7.5 lakh he gave me” he said in his speech.

Further the filmmaker went on to reveal that his current pay scale is the main reason behind their rift. “Three years back I directed Thupparivalan for Rs. 3 crore. Now he wants me to work for the same salary. When I refused and walked off, he abused my mother with foul language.” said an emotional Mysskin.

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