Indian team is gearing up for their upcoming test series on the 1st of August. The players just got free from practice matches against Essex. These practice matches were played in order to prepare well for the tournament.

There was a draw between India and Essex as the former scored 89 for the loss of 2 wickets in the 2nd Innings. Indian players are working hard to get victory in the 5 match series.

However, despite being too serious about the game, they are having desi fun too. We all know how cool our Indian players are & how they get along well with each other. No one can stop them from enjoying funny moments and having a blast on field, in flights or in team buses.

2 days ago, a video was circulated online, in which we could see our players dance to the tune of Bhangra. Well, what happened was that the batsmen were welcomed with Bhangra beats when they came to the ground. The beats were so tempting that Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli couldn’t control themselves from shaking a leg.

The duo displayed amazing bhangra moves on the dhol beats. This video was shared by Essex’s official account; have a look…

Here’s what fans thought about their moves :

What do you think on their moves comment below !!


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