What if DEADPOOL was from Chennai

Yes, Deadpool has taken the world by storm, smashing box office records in every city, all over the world. But what if he were to come to Chennai to promote his film? Would he have to deal with the same problems/issues/situations as all of us?

1. DEADPOOL vs Gaptain!!
“Naan dhaan pa Captain. Yaaru andha Captain Ameriga?”
2.When DEADPOOL manages to get unda katti in Mylapore Kapaleeshwarar temple
No country for Chimichangs.

3. DEADPOOL fights hard for a cooling beer in TASMAC
TASMAC doesn’t differentiate between the rich, the poor, the average, or Superheroes. The fight is real…and equal.
4. When DEADPOOL wants Hot steaming Samosas from Nair kadai
Didn’t we already say “no chimichangas”?
5. Traffic Police vs DEADPOOL
Thambi.. Helmet Enga?
6. When DEADPOOL decides to visit the World’s 2nd Largest Beach (MARINA)
A weiner on the Marina.
7. When DEADPOOL has to taken an AUTO despite he knows that he has to bargain
Dopinder wasn’t available. Thus, auto.
8. When DEADPOOL decides to take the mighty risk of travelling in an MTC (Footboard)
Footboardin’ it.
9. How DEADPOOL manages to survive the mighty CHENNAI FLOODS
Swimming is the only way to survive bro!
10. Gully Cricket is all the more fun for DEADPOOL
Trying to make a silly point…for real.
11. When DEADPOOL meets Gandhi
Wilson, go back!
12. DAPPANKUTHU is common for everyone in the world – DEADPOOL gets that right
The dance of death.
13. DEADPOOL knows that MGR Samadhi has to be visited if one goes to Marina
Bad ass. Smart ass. Great ass.
14. When DEADPOOL visits the mighty RANGANATHAN STREET
Taking down an army is one thing…but getting through the humans of Ranganathan Street is just something else.
15. When DEADPOOL manages to get tickets for a Superstar movie FDFS
There are hundreds of superheroes, but only ONE Superstar.
SOURCE – Fullyfilmy.in


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