Which Party Has The Most Number Of Candidates With Criminal Cases ?? Check Out


A study done by Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and National Election Watch has reported that 13 percent that is 466 candidates of 3,559 candidates contesting in the State Assembly elections on April 6 have declared criminal cases against them. The study was made by analysing the criminal background, asset value, education, gender, and other details of candidates who are contesting in the upcoming election. It has been reported that the most number of candidates from DMK party have declared criminal cases against them.

The report has said that a total of 136 of the 176 candidates from the DMK party have criminal cases against them, of which, 50 candidates have serious cases. As said, the study was done by analysing the self-sworn affidavits of 3,559 out of 3,998 candidates from all constituencies. A total of 439 candidates could not be analysed as either their affidavits were badly scanned or incomplete on the Election Commission of India website.

It has been reported that 76% of DMK candidates have been charged with criminal cases in the past among which 26 % have serious cases against them. Among the 136 candidates who have declared criminal cases in DMK party, 50 of them have serious cases, said the report. Meanwhile, among the 191 candidates of the ruling party, 46 of them have criminal cases, updated the study.

BJP has cases against 15 (75 %) of its 20 candidates. Of which, eight (40 %) have cases of serious offences against them. The Indian National Congress has cases against 15 (71%) of the 21 candidates, of which, six (29 %) have cases of serious offences against them.

As far as the asset values are concerned, 155 candidates of the DMK party are millionaires, said a report. Meanwhile 19 of 21 Congress candidates are millionaires, it added. Congress acts as the party which has the highest number number of millionaire candidates, according to the report.


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