Who Is Arya’s Wife? Who Did He Choose By Dumping The Other 14.. Find Out Here!!


The long-awaited grand finale of Arya’s Enga Veetu Mapillai (EVM) reality show will take place today (April 17th). Finally, Arya is going to choose his soulmate.

In total, Enga Veetu Mappillai (EVM) show began with the participation of 16 female contestants. Post many rounds of rejections, during last week, the list of contestants boiled down to last 5 girls, namely Swetha, Abarnathi, Seethalalshmi, Susana, and Agatha. Now, only 3 girls remain as part of this finale, they are Seethalalshmi, Susana and Agatha.

As its grand finale day, there are lots of expectations from it. The channel telecasting this EVM show has released the promo video of the grand finale. In this, among the 3 girls, Arya is seen choosing his most preferred soulmate by presenting a grand token of love.

The family members of these could-be brides, actress Gayathrie Shankar, some other small screen stars and other VIPs are participating in this final episode. To sum it up, the suspense, that has been building up for quite some time, will come to end with the grand finale.
But the result is unofficially came to light due to an Instagram post by Abarnathi’s sister who handles the Instagram account of Abarnathi. She posted a post with the caption of “My sister wins Arya’s heart, she is the winner and Arya didn’t like anyone after Abarnathi’s elimination”
It is now evident that even Abarnathi is eliminated earlier in the contest, She is the winner of the show and heart of ever charming Arya.


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