Woman Bit By Snake In Thanjavur Hospital Mentioned By Jyothika !! 10 Venomous Snakes Found !!


Not many days ago actress Jyothika criticized a hospital she went to shoot for one of her film. She asked people and authorities to maintain hospitals and schools as same as a temple. Now, to our shock, a woman who was working in that particular hospital mentioned by Jyothika got bit by a venomous snake in the hospital premises. She immediately reached the Thanjavur medical college hospital for treatment, according to reports. When the workers cleaned the Government Mirasudhar hospital after this incident, 10 poisonous snakes including 5 rattlesnakes were found.

This incident created huge outrage in social media platforms as many people criticized Jyothika for her speech. Several number of social media users slammed Jyothika without understanding the context of her speech, believing that she hurt the sentiments of Hindu religion. Now, as soon as this news surfaced, many more people came in to support the actress and her stand. Check out some of their posts below :

In the speech made by the actress on JFW award function, actress Jyothika said “They asked me not to miss witnessing the grandeur of The Brihadisvara temple. I have already went there. It was so beautiful that their maintenance is on par with the palace in Udaipur. Next day my shooting was in a hospital. It was very badly maintained and I couldn’t put words to what I saw in the hospital. My request is, people are spending lots of money in maintaining a temple and paying lot of money to temples as devotees. Please spend the same amount of money in building schools and hospitals.”

“I felt so bad and I haven’t went to the temple. After seeing the state of the hospital, I didn’t go to the temple. Hospitals and Schools are as important as temples” the actress added. On seeing the amount of hatred spewed at her speech, Actor Suriya, released a press note in support of his wife. He said that he will stand by her speech and would like to teach his children the same. “We love to teach our children that humanity is important more than religions.” he said in his statement.


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