Your Blood Will Boil After Seeing What KRK & RGV Said To Rajnikant On Twitter


Rajnikanth! Yes, the name itself is enough to make you feel the potency of the word. Once a bus conductor, this person came to some alien state and got identified by some legend and got an entry into movies! Yes, the rest is history as you know..

Rajnikanth as you all know is a super star and some people have even conferred the title of ‘God’! He has given some brilliant performances in South Indian movies and has left no stones unturned in Bollywood too. Recently, he also received the Padma Vibhushan award from President Pranab Mukherjee.
But it seems, this hasn’t gone well with some people who have all time in the world to ‘TWEET’! Yes, you got it right! KRK and RGV have trolled Rajnikanth for no reason, over his picture with Amy Jackson! Have a look..

This is What KRK Says!

“Swear, Either hero should be like him or shouldn’t be hero; lols” 

Following KRK, Ram Gopal Verma just couldn’t stop!

You don’t understand Rajni phenomenon? You are crazy

God did this to him or he did this to God? RGV himself is confused

He is a bad looker! Oh really RGV?

He even used some bad words! Mind your tongue

Looks are not important for stardom?

People just bashed out at KRK and RGV! This is their immense love for Rajnikanth!

KRK he is not ugly from inside like you!

No one matches his charisma!

RGV what God did to you?

He has PhD in Mannerisms!

RGV only external appearance doesn’t matter!

Why do you direct movies!

His talent and hard work is enough for him

Courtesy : RVCJ 


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